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The Alternative Investment Club

Since its formation in 2010, TAIC’s purpose has been to nurture a meaningful, value-centric ecosystem among owner-driven boutiques, focused on supporting and enhancing the development of the alternative investment industry. Participants range from investment managers to capital sources with an entrepreneurial drive, who are passionate about the alternative investment industry. The TAIC eco-system has grown exclusively based on the referral of our existing participants. TAIC activities add value by providing a platform where participants are encouraged to actively engage with like-minded managers, as well as committed capital sources. TAIC activities are not a product sales-oriented environment, but rather focus on advocating investment manager’s investment views and skills. TAIC is focused on building long-term relationships that result in engaged and trusted collaborations and is committed to the objective of open, constructive and out-of-the box dialogue; for this reason, TAIC does not permit the presence of the media and limits the participation of industry resources to those entities firmly commitment to the overall objective of TAIC. TAIC activities range from TAIC Boutique Manager Events, TAIC Meet-Ups, TAIC Peer Circles to TAIC Concierge Services.


                                   TAIC Boutique Manager Events

                                   TAIC Meet-Ups

                                   TAIC Peer Circles

The TAIC Concierge Service is exclusive to our TAIC Engaged Partners, Members and Supporters and is focused on supporting them as a resource in the process of sourcing investment talent, facilitating reference checks as well as personalized TAIC activities and bespoke services. As an example, TAIC organizes bespoke TAIC Roundtables breakfasts or dinners upon their request.

Since inception TAIC Engaged Partners, Members, Sponsors, Supporters and participants are carefully selected, based on the referral of our active TAIC community, so as to maintain the core purpose of TAIC.

All TAIC activities are strictly by invitation only.

For more information, please contact us here.

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