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TAIC Boutique Manager Events

Since 2013 the annual TAIC Boutique Manager Event exclusively brought together investment managers and allocators from around the globe. Over the years, per Event, an average of 40 investment managers and 36 allocators held 146 curated one-on-one Meet-the-Manager meetings, engaged in insightful panel discussions and plenty of networking opportunities. It is an efficient and structured way for allocators to meet investment managers of interest without meeting quotas to fulfill.

TAIC Boutique Manager Events are open to personally invited participants only and are carefully planned days with the objective to facilitate meaningful and insightful connections.

Location:                       Zurich, Switzerland
Date:                             20th June 2024

Featured Managers:     Click here

Location:                       Singapore
Date:                             8th November 2024

Featured Managers:     to be announced in end September 2024

For more information, please contact us here.

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