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"Let your story do the work"

You probably know the exhausting feeling of telling your story countless times to prospective investors, only to be left in the dark about who is actually interested to engage.

You most likely spend over 700 hours a year during your asset-raising phase. Factoring in your own time and travel logistics, this costs you roughly $200K per year.​

Feel discouraged?

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INCOS offers you:

1) CONTENT CREATION: Upgrade to our Parasocial Multisensory Virtual Pitchbooks from the outdated “Email and PowerPoint”.

2) DISSEMINATION: Your digital content will be linked to your platform of choice. We are platform-agnostic.

3) ENGAGEMENTE DATA: You will not be left in the dark. Our data will tell you who the hot leads are.


INCOS - Let your story do the work

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