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Our Swiss Financial Services Values are our shared set of basic principles guiding us each day in our actions, the service we provide to our clients and in the way we interact with each other. These basic principles represent the glue which holds our company together across the globe.

We care for our customers business

We recognize that our customers are the sole reason for our existence. Our commitment to listen, understand and being responsive to our client’s business needs demonstrates our willingness to go the extra mile and provide a personal service.

We stay curious and plan for our future

We are committed to defining our own destiny by staying curious and focus on continuously improve and evolve our way of doing business.

We act as one global team

We demonstrate our commitment to a team approach in a non-blaming environment by sharing experiences and supporting each other in servicing our clients and tackling new situations.

We value the contribution of the individual

We recognize that every individual has a unique set of skills, knowledge and experiences, which are all necessary for our collective success.

We have the interest of the whole company in mind

We are committed to making day-to-day decisions in the best interest of the whole company.

We work always against internal barriers, chain of commands and formalism, which hinder us to demonstrate our commitment to flexibility and our personal service.

We adore the simplicity and strive for flexibility

We treat everyone with respect and demonstrate our commitment by acting with integrity and highest ethical standards in everything we do.

We act with integrity and respect

We demonstrate our commitment to the highest quality of service with our personal engagement and our accountability for our actions.

We take pride in our work

We always demonstrate our commitment to open communication and respect other ideas, inputs and concerns regardless of the position of anyone.

We listen carefully to others

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