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Our Approach: Delivering Personalized Service as a Partner for Operational Excellence

For decades, fund managers have relied on Swiss Financial Services (SFS) to help ensure operational efficiency and stability. Clients seek our guidance because they want something more than a typical fund administrator. They value our unique core principles, which treat each client engagement as a partnership, emphasizing a personalized, consultative approach.

That means we lay a foundation for success at the start by helping managers navigate the complexities of fund jurisdictions and structures, as well as service provider assessments. Because SFS is passionate about supporting managers with an entrepreneurial spirit and unique requirements, we have a deep commitment to understanding the nuances of each client’s business needs and offering flexibility to meet their goals. As a result of this approach, we have forged long-term relationships with more than 50 clients internationally.


At SFS, our priority is to create a durable foundation for clients’ long-term success. To understand how we accomplish this, consider one example of a fund manager who sought our help.

This manager had a successful strategy, but previously had only marketed to non-U.S. investors, and wanted to explore the possibility of a broader investor base that included the United States. Prior to looking at fund structures, SFS introduced this manager to several third-party distributors to assess possible demand for the strategy among U.S. investors. This led to valuable in-depth discussions that helped evaluate the project’s probability of success.

That client example reflects our larger purpose at SFS. We apply our team’s collective knowledge and adapt our services to meet clients’ needs — particularly when fund managers must stay agile amid the constant change in the alternative investment industry.


Our clients recognize that a robust structural and operational foundation requires careful planning and decision-making. They value our expertise in these critical areas. One example is the support SFS provided for a client who ran a successful business using single-managed accounts. The fund manager enlisted our help for project management, encompassing the concept-to-setup process of a master-feeder structure accessible by both U.S. and non-U.S. investors.

As part of that engagement, SFS introduced the fund manager to service providers, reviewed organizational documents, and assisted with bank and custodian account openings. Throughout the setup process, SFS guided day-to-day operations designed to help the fund manager achieve desired outcomes. That valued partnership has continued as we support the manager by serving as fund administrator.


These clients are just two examples of our ongoing dedication to providing global asset managers and fund sponsors with comprehensive, customized support in all aspects of fund administration, fund accounting, investor services, and fund set-up. With our personalized approach to establishing efficient operations, SFS gives fund managers the freedom to concentrate on investment strategy and long-term value creation.

Reach out to learn more about SFS and discover how we deliver on our promise to be a long-term, solutions-oriented partner to fund managers.

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